About us

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Lucky Dip is a limited company with over 25 years of confectionery wholesale experience. 

Lucky Dip's first warehouse was in an industrial estate in Bilsthorpe. Great production lines and flow wrapping machines were brought in from across the seas to help produce the now tens of thousands of lucky bags demanded of Lucky Dip each week. Lucky Dip was out growing its property and was in need of a new establishment.

Arnold was the next stop for Lucky Dip. The company began creating it's own candy lines, which took the UK's seaside stores by storm. Lucky Dip was creating lollipops in all different shapes and sizes, some were crude and some were classic, but all were made to a high quality and adored by the UK's seaside resorts. You will not go to a seaside resort in the UK without finding an edible figurine on a stick that wasn't originally created by Lucky Dip.

Lucky Dip again out grew its warehouse and moved to the town of Mansfield where the company began to expand faster than it ever had before. In 2011 Lucky Dip opened Carousel, a small retail store in the centre of Mansfield selling confectionery. Carousel gave Lucky Dip the opportunity to find out exactly what the consumer wanted from a modern day sweet shop. With the knowledge and the feedback from the consumers of Carousel, Lucky Dip expanded its horizons and looked across the pond to expands its product range.

Carousel Shop

Lucky Dip started to import confectionery from the USA and this brought the greatly desired candy from the states to the shop keepers of the UK. Soon American candy became almost a fashion statement, a must have for young teenagers, a nostalgic experience from the past for adults and something completely new for kids.
American candy was introduced to shops nationwide by Lucky Dip and we still sell it all today, because we know you love it.
Today Lucky Dip is innovating how they sell and display  confectionery from across the world and they are expanding their product range into gifts and electronics. Lucky Dip spends a lot of its time developing new packaging, like its USA smoothie cups and American Hampers so that the product looks just as good as it tastes. Lucky Dip now concentrates on packaging its items so that they're the perfect gift, because we know that after all, what you really want for your birthday is a beautifully packaged collection of your favourite candy.  
If you have any questions please email us at: sales@luckydipltd.co.uk or call us on 01623 633050